The origins_______


When we have a name so predestined as RIDE and we spent our youth not far from the rings of Flat-Track and the Californian desert, it's not surprising to pass the weekends roasting marshmallows over a camp-fire or on the handlebars of a motorcycle...


The RIDE sons, Tony & Steve, didn't just join their fathers passion for Flat-Track and races in the desert... They also immortalized the know-how and the family tradition developed in the manufacturing of leather articles (aprons, gloves, bags) very appreciated by American carpenters, by diverting it in the profit of their favorite activity and developing gloves and motorcycle clothes.


Equipment that is reminiscent of the memories of a time where the paddocks smelled good of castor oil, and where the simplicity and authenticity was still entitled to quote. They'll find grace beside vintage machine amateurs and followers of the custom culture.


It's after having succumbed to the charm of Daytona, of his International Speedway and his Bike Week, in the state of Florida, lined with beaches and full of sun that this enthusiastic family ended up putting down their wheels and suitcases. It was the right move.


The present and the future_______   


If the diversification of the family company towards motorcycles seems more like a hobby then a real entrepreneurial strategy, a meeting is going to turn out demining for the future of RIDE&SONS.


Antoine FLORIO, French of Italian origin, passionate about motocross and machines of exception and who his own brother lives in Florida, meet the RIDE brothers and propose to enrich the range, up until now essentially limited to gloves, and to establish the brand on the old continent. Their common passion and the experience of the French, at the head of two companies specialized in the distribution of motorcycle equipment and of lifestyle clothes, will drive them down the same road.


From now on the brand can lean on its American inheritance and enrich in the European creativity. And associate its destiny to many artists of the Custom Culture.


The decision-making center remains in Florida, but the conception and the development benefit, actually, of a robust experience on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. The European know-how indisputable regarding equipment, combined with the American motorcycle culture gives birth to vintage products, at the same time technical, thought for practice and seductive enough to accompany the rider in his everyday life.


FOR RIDERS WHO LIVE sums up well the spirit of the American brand, that aims to accompany the rider on the handlebars and in the everyday life, and to equip him from head to toe.


The collections integrate of sublime vests and jackets realized in noble materials, strong and authentic (leather, waxed cotton) integrating the essential elements of safety (removable protection shells CE) without sacrificing the style; denim thoughts for motorcycle (Kevlar reinforcements, protections) where the cuts and fading are in sync with the current fashion; gloves and boots of which the natural aging of the leather will make them unique while in use. The brand widens its universe to the casual with a line of T-Shirts and Sweat-Shirts "Artist Series" signed by numerous inspired artists, evolving in varied universes (calligraphy, graphics, tattoo, sculpture...) with a look more than friendly on the motorcycle custom and vintage.


RIDE & SONS, it's this incredible mix between American motorcycle culture (principally custom, dirt-track...) creativity and European know-how's with use of rough and authentic materials, all combined has a sharp sense of the product and a certain idea of art.